Making Websites Work


Making Websites Work

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

"This is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)."

we design websites which are... creative, fast, cost-effective, flexible, practical, maintainable, accessible, and reliable. Since 1997, we have made web design as painless a process for many satisfied clients .

what we do

Arisia have been creating striking, dynamic and practical websites for organisations of all kinds.

We know that our clients want their websites to work well for them. We expect that you want the same from your own site. You want it to be clear, well designed and effective. You want it to be easy for your users. You want it to bring results

Professional, attractive and quick to load...

WimpyArisia offers a high quality Web site design service. All our sites are hosted on our own fast, reliable servers. The sites themselves are well structured and easy to navigate. All our illustrations are designed so that they load quickly, yet still portray quality.

You risk losing potential clients if you keep your visitors waiting!

Companies of all sizes...

...can put the Internet to profitable use. Businesses can use the Internet to cut costs, market their brand globally, increase efficiency, establish presence and sell products and services, all for a remarkably low investment.


A typical website serves mainly as a sales and marketing tool - a digital brochure advertising the company's products, often with additional capabilities such as online ordering.

In House

bilkoArisia have a complete range of business, marketing, design and technical capabilities in-house. This spread of skills enables us to work closely with organisations, developing custom websites and web applications that provide positive business advantages.

We work with the client to develop an online strategy that encompasses website and web application design, development, hosting and registration, all within the constraints of budget and deadline.

Recent Projects

Burtons Plumbing


Client required their website to function in various media, PC, Tablet & smartphone, so is a responsive site.

Build using HTML, CSS3, Javascript and a little Classic ASP for the Contact Form. We also constructed our own menu system for smartphone use to keep the screen use to a minimum.


NSSEThis client wanted their old website re-vamped with more cutting edge technologies and a more dynamic look.

Built using HTML, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery. The CSS3 enables the site to have a more rounded look in some of the newer browsers, with shadow effects also added. Accordians, pop-ups and other items were added to make the site more informative and user friendly.


wimpyArisia was approached by this well known brand to change their main website from a 'Flash' version.

Using newer technologies this site was constructed with Classic ASP, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery.

An Admin site was also constructed to enable them to update most areas of the website which is also attached to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Previous Projects


BilkoThis Promotional company required a look reminiscent of the iPad icons and a simple layout.

Built using Classic ASP, HTML and CSS3 this website is also attached to a Microsoft SQL Server database and has an Admin site for the customer to control what appears on their website.

This customer also required the conversion of several companies databases into one 'Bilko' database to encompass products from several manufacturers. This is all done inhouse by Arisia.

Elizabeth Sellers

Elizabeth SellersA Canadian author this site was produced to promote her Trilogy of books.

Built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery this website has many features including audio & video clips, accordian panels and pop-ups including reveiws from other websites. Social media is also included with her Facebook feed prominent on the front page.

We maintain this site for Elizabeth, adding new content when required.

Johnny Herbert

NSSEThis website was setup to promote Johnny Herberts Annual Karting Challenge and is built using Wordpress, PHP, with adjustments using CSS and Javascript.

JHWe were also involved with Johnnie's personal website which is built using HTML, CSS3 & Javascript. Pop-up's and dropdowns are used to keep the site clean & user friendly. Twitter feeds were also added to help keep the information on the site 'up to date'

What is Website Hosting

Although they range from simple online brochures to highly advanced trading environments, web sites are increasingly the spaces in which businesses live and operate. However it has been put together, your completed web site needs to be hosted on a web server for the world to see it.

If you have a permanent Internet connection, such as ADSL, you might wonder why you shouldn't just turn your home computer into a web server and host it yourself. This is not a good idea, for numerous reasons:

  • turning your computer into a web server requires technical knowledge.
  • using your computer and reliably hosting a web site on it at the same time is unlikely to be possible.
  • your Internet connection will easily become saturated, possibly incurring the displeasure of your Internet Service Provider
  • if your power supply, PC or ADSL connection fail, your web site is no longer available.

The smart approach is to use Arisia to host your web site on one of its own web servers. As experienced professionals, we can manage all stages of the process, setting up web space to store your web pages, mapping domains, managing bandwidth and ensuring reliable access to your site at all times. Once your web site is uploaded, it's live on the Internet for all to see, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

With large web sites, sites that have a high number of visitors or involve database components or special security requirements, or where you will be conducting e-commerce transactions online, you may need to have the web site hosted on its own dedicated server. In these instances, we can set up the server solution of your choice.